A downloadable experience

Not knowing where he is,

Who he is,

Why he's here,

Or who this girl he's looking for is,

Redd must find his way across a small island Nation on planet Nebulina, through villages, cities, even a massive cave system, and find help from those residing in these areas, all in order to track down somebody he doesn't even know. Well, maybe he did.

That's something Redd has to find out.

Will you help him?

Redd Head Spinning


Basic Information

Follow Redd in his journey to rescue the closest person he considers to be his friend, Kira Song, who is believed to have been taken into custody by an unidentified squadron of Candechros Officers.

The only help you'll receive is from those you meet along the way, so make sure you follow their directions.

Keep your eyes peeled for different items and products developed by Runetech Laboratories, a massive tech corporation with a robotics department headed by Dr. Leonard Hyun. There's something off about that guy...


The Gameplay

Revenite is a very story-driven 3D platformer. Basic, relaxing platforming with a new element thrown your way every few levels.

Revenite will include an alternate mode called "Revenite Rush." This mode features a wide selection of levels consisting of Obstacle-course-like levels that you must find your way through in order to get to the next one (Revenite Rush cannot be unlocked until you finish the main story).

Revenite also features collectables! finding more collectables means you unlock more cool stuff! For example:

  • Costumes for Redd
  • New music
  • Alternate main menu settings
  • And more!


The Team




Steven Parker


Magswag, Cade Tallman, Cornflaekk


Steven Parker, Austin G. Jensen, Pill6w, Laniax, Amanda Johnson, Bananalizard, Lycaniiro, Tuna C., Bethmoth


KVRI, Nick Goblin, Spencer Furey, Yeetaroni, Josh Meagher, Jamin White, DaddyDoplr


AlexIsPersonaTrash, Voidicus, Liddy.exe, Argo


Kira Song

Frail Bunnie

Leonard Hyun

Josh Meagher

Ezra Montero


Syrena Song


Symere Song

Nacho Versacho

Nikki Song

Trivia Jamais

Jamyn Koro

Asdas Chungles

? ? ?

Austin G. Jensen

? ? ?

Josh Meagher

? ? ?


Background Characters

Ayden Williams
Brendan Smith
Finley Chobe
Ryan Wu
Spencer Furey
Amanda Johnson
Jamin White
Nick Goblin


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Development log

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